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We offer bespoke underwater water photographic shoots for your swim school.

Do you own or run a Swim School in the UK ?

Here at Underwater Photographic, we can offer bespoke underwater water photographic shoots for your swim school. The benefits of great images of Babies and Children above and underwater makes a massive difference to a growing Swim School.

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Underwater Photographic has been in business over 10 years created by husband and wife team Stewart and Lorraine Groves Stewart.

Our chief Underwater Photographer who has a vast wealth of Underwater photography experience Stewart is a Paddi Trained Driver and is Enhanced DBS checked And Lorraine who in charge of the Editing Team and Sales.

We use the Best of Canon Cameras, lenses Underwater Houses and Strobes Combined with Full Scuba Diving equipment to give every chance of capturing the magic moments of your baby Underwater.

How do Underwater shoots operate on the Day

Your underwater photo shoot is likely to be with 5 to 8 babies - this gives your baby a rest between submersions. You have a small warmup, then your child is passed to the instructor. For the Submersion, you stay in this set order, giving your Baby rests between submersions.

The session will last about 45 minutes, during each submersion we take between 2 to 7 photos per submersion, with about 5 submersions per baby, giving you from 6 to 25 photos to choose from.

If your baby is not happy underwater the Photographer may call the shoot short for Babies well being.

Your Baby must have attended regular swim lessons with submersion as part of lessons and at least one Term of Lessons.

Come and capture your baby or toddler in our amazing underwater photographic sittings. Images of the babies and toddlers underwater with their eyes open and surrounded by bubbles are captivating.

We use the latest in underwater cameras and lighting to produce the highest quality images. We also use the latest in scuba diving equipment so we are able to stay down during the photo shoot. All images are airbrushed and quality checked and are available as loose prints or various products. Examples are on our products page.

This is specialized photography and we can not guarantee photos of your baby or toddler every time. If your baby or toddler does not have a successful photo shoot, are booking will be arranged. Most underwater photographic shoots follow a course with your baby by the way of a submersion course and swimming techniques.

Give us a call and give your parents the chance of some amazing photos from your classes and let us compliment your Swim School with our quality images and products.

  • Baby swimming has recently witnessed a huge increase in popularity
  • More and more babies are having fun in the pool whilst learning vital, life-saving skills as well as enjoying the health benefits of swimming
  • Baby swimming and submersion techniques are shown to improve co-ordination and agility, as well as improving respiratory strength
  • Compliment your Classes with our Amazing images and Products

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